Do v need J# Redistr. Pkg.

The answer is unfortunately YES WE DO!! and this is because
VS Development Team, to meet up with their limited time to release
VS 2003 has to do it…!
I stumbled upon this blog, y v need J# pkg.

At last,
A stitch in time saves nine :p…
u know wat ,,,i never follow this.


know the Traffik on Internet

Internet Traffic Statisctis
pretty kool statistics on the net.
one thing I was shocked lookin at is that the Asia regions
response time and the avg. packet loss is incredibly much more
compared with others…

Mozilla – FireFox sux sometimes

I am using Mozilla/Firefox since a month… I observed a couple of weird things
abt it…
—-> Suddenly, gets freezed and takes 100% CPU …and remains in that state for a while.

—-> Doesnt support music players like realplayers,mediaplayers properly..pretty disgusting sometimes.

The things which still holds me with mozilla is that its SECURE 🙂 and has tabbed windows….
I am pretty sure, that windows IE 7.0 will have the tabbed window feature minus security :p….. rathar plus in-security …kidding!
Hope Microsoft comes up with a ever-lasting robust neat, light weight universally secure browser…hope it redefines the term browser.

Just did it !!!

Eventually, my blog got added to the googles Adsense program. 🙂
I am glad for the same and thank GOOGLE 🙂

I am gonna soon post some real interesting stuff abt MARS and future
missions ….wait for it ……!

Customized Google Search

google_ad_client = “pub-3291404255337406”;
google_ad_width = 728;
google_ad_height = 90;
google_ad_format = “728x90_as”;
google_ad_channel =””;
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My Google Search Powered By
Hello everyone,
Here is my project , which simulates the functionality provided by yahoo’s named this as My Google Search.Plz go ahead and register in it and see what all you can do with the results. U will b given options like save,save with note and block foreach result so that u can bookmark links and then access ur links fromanywhere anytime :).And then go to ur portal(link) and u cud manage ur saved links intodifferent categories.Everything is done using java and xml. Please leave anysuggestions/comments thru my homep…@guestbook.

Thank u all,
Srinivas Varukala
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