Mysql: communication failure during hand shake

Communication failure during hand shake: is mysql server running on
localhost 3306 port.

This is the most common error which mysql users encounter.

The following is the solution for the mentioned versions below:

Mysql Ver: 4.1

Go to mysql prompt.
run the command:
set password for (user-name)@(server-name) = old_password(“ur-password”);

Fill in the brackets with ur details and there u go!!!

Another common problem, is unable to find the mysql driver.
Just put the driver in tomcat/shared/classes
or tomcat/common/classes


Google Talk Bugs

Sadly, the day Google Talk is released, I was able to discover
some obvious bugs.
I have Google Talk installed on my windows 2003 server. And I
m connected to that server using remote desktop. I logged in GTalk.
My frend connected to the same system using remote dsktop and found
that I am logged in the GTalk instance for him too. He was able to
chat and do everything. I am also able to change my status and sutff
but its relected there.

Yahoo is also installed on the server and Yahoo msngr gives a new instance
for each remoted desktoped client.

So, something to b worried abt…!
This flaw looks similar to the Google Desktop flaw which indexes
the files in the all the user profiles.

Ajax .Net CLR Based Library

Bitkraft is a CLR based (.NET) web framework that allows distributed web content to be created and served in a unique fashion. It is written in C# and compiles for operation under the Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1+ or the .Mono Framework, making it portable to almost any platform.

Visit: The Ajaxian Blog , rocks!

Google Talk — Yet Another Instant Messenger

The first impression after installing Google Talk messenger:
Asusual its the Google way, its very light weight application
with the simplest interface.

I made the yahoo msngr and GTalk side-by-side and Yahooo is
like fully armed ready to go for a war and GTalk is like
nude deprived of skin…! But the lite-wt interface is
certainly very appealing.
I found there was no option like Invisible.
There are other options like busy etc,..
It provides voice chatting as does yahoo and I m yet to play
with it.

Google certainly has a lot more in its cache to be released.
I guess the OS on the way…!

Apache comes with new WS Framework…

Wat caught my eyes, with this article was that
this new webservices framework is developed by
an open-source dev team from SRILANKA…a country
in my neighbourhood. Hats-off SriLanka! 🙂

This new framework promises a good routing system
between various other multi-tier web-services
providing loose coupling..and thus aiding the
Service-Oriented Archi(SOA).

Overall, the SASH(Struts, Axis, Spring, Hibernate) proves
to be a perfect environment for a small to a big

open-source rules!!!!!!!!!!

Ajax – SOA Based , OS/Browser Independent

Good one.

Join Microsoft – a chance

Wanna contribute ur talent with Microsoft!
Here is a chance, its a fancy chance.
Read more at this blog.

A chance to get noticed with ur creative talent.

Go 4 it asap as there is a deadline for the same.

As for me, I am still not ready for such things…so
I will just wait and see for my chance.