basics of SAP ?

I guess many know the term SAP but not what xactly SAP is!
I am one of them, and here I learned a bit thru my SAPpy Frend.
{ plz ignore the messy chat lines and our native language text }

reach_sri2000: ok SAP lo needi specialisation dentlo ra //Translation: whats ur module in SAP.
sureshnyou: Financial Accounting and Controlling
sureshnyou: FICO
reach_sri2000: so maths untunda koncham //Trans: is it related to maths.
sureshnyou: not really
sureshnyou: its all about accounting
reach_sri2000: antey wat will b ur role
reach_sri2000: oh k so its like learning a s/w to to do accounting
reach_sri2000: something like that?
sureshnyou: yes
reach_sri2000: okk
sureshnyou: SAP anede oka s/w //SAP is basically a s/w
reach_sri2000: its a group of s/w’s
reach_sri2000: rt
sureshnyou: having enterprise business related all transactions untaayi
reach_sri2000: okk
sureshnyou: let me brief you
reach_sri2000: k go-ahead.!
sureshnyou: SD – Sales & Distribution
sureshnyou: everything related to selling a product and distributing it to retailers, transports, invoices etc etc
sureshnyou: MM – Material Management
sureshnyou: raw materials purchasing daggera nunchi final product varaku everything
sureshnyou: BW – Business Warehousing
sureshnyou: the name says it all
reach_sri2000: s
sureshnyou: HR – Human Resource Management
sureshnyou: same case
reach_sri2000: yep
reach_sri2000: HRM looks to b more ubiquitous
sureshnyou: antey
reach_sri2000: anymore departments?
sureshnyou: I aint no GRE dud
sureshnyou: yep
sureshnyou: PM – Plant Management
reach_sri2000: antey just prevailing more
sureshnyou: I dont get u dude
sureshnyou: ubiq** antaavu prevailing antaavu
reach_sri2000: sarle , nuv continue
sureshnyou: PP – Production Planning
sureshnyou: etc etc
reach_sri2000: ammo chala unnavi kada
sureshnyou: so everything has it own module
sureshnyou: yep
reach_sri2000: where doese FICO come
sureshnyou: everything we can think of is already there
reach_sri2000: or FICO is one such dept.
sureshnyou: one such
reach_sri2000: what is Vinays ?
sureshnyou: I dont know raa
reach_sri2000: thanks for little knowledge transfer
sureshnyou: btw ABAP is the lang they use to write this s/w
reach_sri2000: oh ABAP anedi language … i didnt know that
sureshnyou: pleasure is all mine
reach_sri2000: xpand 4 me plz
reach_sri2000: abstract business application programming !
sureshnyou: perfect
sureshnyou: nope
reach_sri2000: haha
sureshnyou: my bad
sureshnyou: Advanced
sureshnyou: I just misread what u wrote
reach_sri2000: did i gueed BAP correct
reach_sri2000: guessed*
sureshnyou: yes
reach_sri2000: so neeku ABAP kooda nerputhunnara.. or u dont need it for FICO
reach_sri2000: abap code looks like VB language
reach_sri2000: and sor of SQL Procedural language
reach_sri2000: sort*
sureshnyou: u dont need it for FICO
sureshnyou: idk
reach_sri2000: REPORT ZGUI_DIR.

call function ‘GUI_CREATE_DIRECTORY’
dirname = ‘C:\TEST\’

if sy-subrc 0.
WRITE: / ‘Error Code ‘,SY-SUBRC.
WRITE: / ‘Directory Created…’.
sureshnyou: I wish I was half as curious as you in learning stuff
sureshnyou: appreciate you
reach_sri2000: antha ledu ra
sureshnyou: u r just amazingly awesome
reach_sri2000: :((
sureshnyou: what
reach_sri2000: aapu ra
reach_sri2000: nenu start cheyaala
sureshnyou: u dont have anything to start abt
reach_sri2000: my 2 hrs work = urs 1/2 n hrs
sureshnyou: u know what I am worth – nothing
reach_sri2000: but i was surprised to know that u never cared to look for how ABAP looks like
sureshnyou: yes
sureshnyou: bcoz all we care abt is the interface
sureshnyou: and you know what
reach_sri2000: yea
sureshnyou: this itself is a whole lot
sureshnyou: believe me
reach_sri2000: uhmm so wat i feel after this conversation is that, SAP doesnt look that complex ,,,,as I thought it wud b
reach_sri2000: am i thinking rt ? wat u say
sureshnyou: wrong
reach_sri2000: o
sureshnyou: well u r right
reach_sri2000: ok
sureshnyou: not comple for ppl like you
sureshnyou: for a commoner its not tht easy
reach_sri2000: naa vishayam vodile kani
sureshnyou: oh ayite not so easy
reach_sri2000: h1 vochaka , sap start cheyala ani alchisthunna ra
sureshnyou: kool
sureshnyou: good option man
sureshnyou: but FICO lo already chaala mandi unnaru
sureshnyou: market a bit slow
sureshnyou: btw there’s another good module in SAP – NetWeaver
sureshnyou: naaku adento teleedu
reach_sri2000: oh term sound good
sureshnyou: Web Server anta adi
sureshnyou: another 1/2 knowledge guy like me told this
reach_sri2000: man looks interesting
reach_sri2000: i wud like to get into ABAP related thingy
sureshnyou: hmm
sureshnyou: I f*king hate programming man
sureshnyou: Java is different though
reach_sri2000: looks like u like java
sureshnyou: a bit yea


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Java Applet Code Signing

step 1. Creat the keystore. (here my keystore name is mystore)
cmd>keytool -genkey -alias signFiles -keystore mystore -keypass password1 -dname “cn=emagination” -storepass password2

step 1.5. Preparing the jar files and crap..! ezz do it.

step 2. Sign ur applet. (here I am signing a UI.jar as SignedUI.jar)
jarsigner -keystore mystore -storepass password2 -keypass password1 -signedjar SignedUI.jar UI.jar signFiles

For real sign applet for production release:
Read this PDF provided by Verisign. Its pretty clear with steps.