Learn how to write Greasemonkey scripts

Greasemonkey is still one of the coolest things runnin’ on Firefox. If you’re programmatically inclined, you too can write your own Greasemonkey scripts for the betterment of us all.Mark Pilgrim has written a book on the subject – Dive Into Greasemonkey – and released it under the GPL

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Google Maps API Basic Tutorial

A tutorial to help you create your own interactive maps using the Google API. A good cut and paste “I want to get something working asap” type of tutorial. Will have you geographically enabled in no time.

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No more boring HTML tables! 70+ css designs for tables

A nice site with 70+ different designs you can do for your html tables. Click on the design name on the left to change the appearance. All are free to download and use on your own sites.

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How to – Setup Your Own E-mail Server

You know this. A mail server allows you to receive mails from other mail servers around the internet, provided you create user accounts. It also allows your users to send emails to other mail servers. For this tutorial, we�ll use a solution that is freeware, and does its job perfect. I�ve been using it for about one year

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Setting up a Subversion Server under Windows

An excellent step by step illustration of doing this tedious undocumented task correctly.

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Ajax mostly combined with …….?

In web 2.0 realm, which language is mostly used for AJAXing…?
Asp .net
Ruby on Rails
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configuring tomcat with apache