A Conversation with Comcast Customer Care Person!

Let me share a funny incident:

I have broad-band internet connection provided by the famous COMCAST service provider. So, one evening I observed my net was working slow. I ping any site and 3 out of 4 packets are lost. I rebooted the router but the problem still persist.

So I had to resort to call the COMCAST customer care center for some help. It may not sound funny enough as my English and presentations skills are bad. :(! Here’s the funny situation.

Me: (I explained him my problem.)
He: What is your Operating System?
Me: Well, its Windows 2003.
He: (Shocked!) What! There is only windows 2000. There is no 2003. It should be either windows XP or 2000.
Me: hehe! Y wud I lie! its really windows server 2003. You shud know it.
He: No, it should be either windows XP or 2000.
Me: I am a s/w developer and this is the latest OS officially used on server systems.
He: (I dont remember but he still was on his own asking me about what is my OS)
Me: Ok, you can think its windows XP.
He: What do u mean by think! tell me exactly what OS.
Me: (Gosh! …so I told) ok its windows XP only.
He: Reboot the computer.
Me: I use wireless router so no system is connected directly to the cable. So no point in rebooting the machine.
He: You have to reboot the machine sir!
Me: OK! I am rebooting. ( Infact i was lying coz it wont make any sense)
Me: ( Within a few seconds ) ok its done rebooting.
He: So quick!
Me: Ya, mine is an advanced system. 😀
He: reboot the router!
and so on!!!
finally, surprisingly my net started working fine.
(So even if u r using wireless internet and if ur net is slow just reboot your system.

I was not lying, please google for windows 2003 server and you should know.
He: Ok!

Thats how it ended. I dont have any qualms on anyone but its just a funny incident.

PS: The above is what I vaguely remember and its not exact conversation we had. And I have no complains on either the person I talked with or Comcast.


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