Video: Incredible Jumping; It’s Human’s pride Monkey’s envy.

Its really incredible video… man jumping around the streets , walls and believe me over the buildings…

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How To: Your First Firefox Extension — Say XUL

The active ingredient is XUL, a markup language (the eXtensible [or “XML-Based”] User-interface Language, to be precise) that describes things like toolbars, menus, keyboard shortcuts.

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Are there any Digg swarm/stack users ?

Just was curious to know how many of the Digg users use the Swarm/Stack features.
It was the much hyped once upon a time but I just viewed the swarn/stack a couple
of times just to see how does it work. Please provide your vote.

Are you using Digg Stack and/or Swarm?
Now and then(Weekly)
I don’t use it

Digg-it so that we can know the users view and usage of these features.

Video: Shakira Hips Don’t Lie – Live Performance at MTV Awards

After shaking her hips Bollywood style during her performance at the recent MTV Awards, Colombian singer Shakira appears to have been converted.

The pop star has now expressed interest in doing a Bollywood music video.

She hopes that it can be done with the help of top Bollywood dance and film director, Farah Khan, who worked with her on the awards night performance.

Shakira had seven nominations at the New York ceremony, but only won best choreography for Hips Don’t Lie.

Source: BBC News.