Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure – Access Denied

Failed to provision the scheduling job definitions. Page scheduling will not succeed.
office sharepoint server publishing infrastructure – Access Denied

If you see the above errors while Activating the Office SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure either in the application event log or the web page respectively, then the solution is to elevate the permissions for the application pool corresponding to that web application. As a short cut solution, just change the App Pool for the web application to point to the Central Admin’s App Pool which has enough rights/permissions. After IISRESET, Acticate the Publishing Infrastructure feature and then revert back the web application app pool to its original pool. This solution is from this blog post.


2 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I have a list with few colums. I need a colum with a image hyperlink on that image, but i could such datatype in colums. anybody have idea. how to manage this issue.


  2. Arshad..
    If you go to your List settings, and select ‘Create Column’ , you will see a list of column data types. HyperLink/Picture is is one of those column types. It should work for you.


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