Error: “sgen.exe” exited with code 1

While building a project or solution, if  you get the error like: “sgen.exe” exited with code 1, then the most probable reason is because you have a different version of the same project’s DLL in the GAC.


  1. Open the GAC (C:\Windows\Assembly), find the DLL corresponding to your project.
  2. Right click on it and select uninstall

Now re-build your project and the problem must be gone.


11 Responses

  1. Thank you, I was experiencing this exact problem and your solution worked perfectly =)

  2. AWESOME! I was looking for a solution to this problem for a few days. Thanks for the info! Worked great.

  3. Sure thing 🙂

  4. Thanks allot, I have tried different ways but no able to solve. Your solution worked perfectly 😀

  5. I’ve also encountered cases where I neglected to check the project out of SourceSafe and sgen can’t write to the folders it needs access to. Especially easy to run into when what you’re building is a dependency of the project you really want to run.

  6. Thanks a bunch! It worked for me.

  7. Another thank you…you saved me a LOT of frustration!

  8. Thank you. It woked for me. Saved a lot time.

  9. Thank you. It worked for me too.

  10. Awesome… Worked like CHARM!!!

  11. Thanks, so simple solution, but so hard to find 🙂

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