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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Srinivas! How are u?

    First, thanx for u share u experience with sharepoint and stuff. I got some answers for my questions and research when i’m developing my projects…

    Well.. i have one question about InfoPath, and i’m wondering if u could help me.
    I created and developed a “status report” form and published. But when i go in Administration Central, and try upload my form, it keep its status “installing” and never change at all!
    I uploaded my form yesterday, and still “installing” …

    Do u have any ideas what could be?

    (i have a blog too like yours, where i try to share some of my experience with sharepoint, because it’s too hard to find something in my language (portuguese-Brasil) and i dont speak english very well (as u could see =D), so i’do like to put your blog as reference on “blogroll” on mine… if u let me… the url is:

    Thanx for your attention, and see ya!

    Filipe de Campos Cavalcante

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