Yahoo Mail Search Just Got Better

Just logged in yahoo mail and saw a little nice cloud box near the search box saying that

Yahoo Mail Search Just Got Better

If you have much more time to spare to read more about this update go ahead and click here (which has few screen-shots) and ignore my article. Below I tried to put a quick summary of the same.

Digging more here is a quick info about the updates..
Yahoo mail now provides 3 different views viz..

Message View: Shows short snippets of the mail content by default and it shows the snippet containing the terms provided you searched for those terms.

Photos View: I really liked this feature which shows all of the pictures in your inbox and easy way to search them. I myself was surprised to see that my inbox had 903images :O ….

Attachment View: This shows the attachments. Looks very similar to the Photos views.

Also there is an easy way to filter the results and the views on the left side column.

Keeping the Yahoo Mail Web 2.0 in Beta and working on the classic version is weird and does it mean the new version going to be in Beta for long time from now…!
I checked my other yahoo account which I tweaked using the domain to use the web 2.0 version and couldnt find any search updates.

Yahoo should hurry up and atleast provide Beta to all instead of making people to wait and wait and start using Gmail.


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