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Visual Studio Add-ins

A list of tools and extensions which might be useful if used with visual studio.

Few more add-ins from MS. — here

Complete list: here

Verisign Payflow Pro: Failed merchant rule check : Security Settings

I was working on a project which needs credit card transaction processing. I had this problem with the Verisign Payflow Pro: “Failed merchant rule check”. Google ain’t much helpful to solve the problem. Here is what you got to do:
Go to
Sign in with ur Verisign credentials. Don’t panic but paypal and verisign are working together like brothers.
Once you logged in, you can see a neat interface to administer ur account.
Click on ‘Account Administration’
Click on ‘Transaction Settings’ and the set the settings as follows to solve the above problem.

Maximum Amount per Transaction – blank
Maximum Amount for Credits – blank
Allow Non-referenced Credits – YES
Credits may exceed original transaction amount – YES
Allow reference transactions – NO provides more details.

Sql Server DTS Truncates Text While Exporting: Fix

When you use the Data Transformation Services (DTS) Export/Import wizard, DTS may truncate column strings that are over 255 characters long if all of the following conditions exist:

The column is a character data type (varchar, char, nvarchar, nchar) and the column length is greater than 255 characters.

DTS exports the column to a text file.

Delimited fields are used for exporting.


loadTOCNode(1, ‘workaround’); Here are several methods that you can use to work around this problem:

Use fixed fields and export to a text file with the DTS Wizard or Package Designer. Both the DTS Export/Import Wizard and the DTS Package Designer provide the option to use fixed fields when you export data to a text file.

To use the DTS Export/Import wizard, you will see the following prompt when you choose the destination text file:

Select Destination File Format

You want to select Fixed field – information is assigned into columns of equal width.

To use the DTS Package Designer, you will see the following prompt when you are setting up the destination text file:

Select file format

You want to select Fixed field – information is assigned into columns of equal width.