Network based (encrypted) backup in 15 minutes -using open source software!

Open source based data backup tools have come a long way. This article shows how to quickly setup network based backup all using freely downloadable open source tools. A combination of Amanda, Samba and open source encryption tools enable this setup. Backup configuration on two different Linux distributions and a Windows client is shown.

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WebKit adds a JavaScript Debugger

There is a new addition in the Webkit nightlies � a JavaScript debugger. Drosera, named after the largest genera of bug eating plants, lets you attach and debug JavaScript for any WebKit application � not just Safari. One of the unique things about Drosera, like their Web Inspector, is that over 90% of it is written in HTML and JavaScript.

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Test Your Web Design in 20 Different Browsers + More for FREE!

Preview your website in 20 different browsers for Linux, Mac, Windows, Terminal, and Mobile. Customize screen resolution (tiny to huge), JavaScript (yes/no + version), Flash (yes/no + version), color depth (4/8/16/24-bit), Java (yes/no + version), media plugins (QTP/WMP/SVG/PDF), and maximum wait (15 min to 4 hours). FANTASTIC WEB DESIGN TOOL!

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